Squirrel Birthday Card :: So THIS is why people lie about their age...

Our squirrel birthday card illustrates in *fiery* detail why telling the truth about our real age can be downright dangerous! This happy birthday card is available in our woman-owned online gift shop, along with dozens of other funny birthday cards for friends.

Designed and printed in Albany, NY.

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  • Card Front: "So THIS is why people lie about their age..."
  • Interior: Blank for Personalization
  • Envelope: Pastel Gray
  • Size: A6 (4.5"x 6")
  • Professionally Printed on Smooth, Heavyweight Cardstock

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Featuring the signature rich, vibrant colors of a Greymount Paper & Press original design, this greeting card has a blank inside to allow for personalized messages, memorable stories, or for lovingly reminding the card's recipient that their real age is starting to make birthday cakes a fire hazard!

Whether you’re looking for the best funny card about age for your parents, friends, or siblings who are getting up there in years, let our squirrel friend remind them that we’re all young at heart, even once our laugh lines start to sag a bit.

Designed & printed by Greymount Paper & Press in Albany, NY, our premium birthday cards for moms, dads, grandparents, and friends are sure to delight.

Find the best special greeting cards and greeting cards for birthday with Greymount Paper & Press! Our small, woman-owned company is the perfect place to buy greeting cards online.

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