Watercolor Messy Apology Card. I'm Sorry Card.

Has your foot somehow gotten stuck in your mouth, and now you need to make things right? Our messy apology card is a great first step! Flowers and wine not included (although they often help, too!). Not sure if you messed up badly enough to need an I'm sorry card? Let us assure you: sending a card is always the smart/stylish/classy move.

This Greymount Paper & Press original design was created and printed in Albany, NY.

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  • Front of card : "I owe you an apology. My mouth sometimes speaks before my brain gives it the go-ahead, and this time, something messy & stupid came out. You deserved better from me, and I'm sorry."
  • Inside of card: Blank
  • Envelope: Kraft 
  • Size: A2 (4.25"x5.5")

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