4 for $15 Greeting Card Mixed Packs

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Don't just favorite and forget -- bring a smile to the face of your loved ones by sending thoughtful cards!

Pick any 4 greeting cards from our shop and save on the full retail price! Any of our single greeting cards are included in this special deal, including birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc.

  1. Choose your favorite 4 cards from the shop
  2. In the "Notes to Seller" section of the Checkout process, write a brief description for each card so we know which ones you want (make sure to include the saying on the front of the card, as some designs have multiple versions). We also have two "Pick For Me!" versions in case you simply can't decide.
  3. That's all! Super easy.

Once payment clears, we mail your cards to you! If we have any questions about your order, we'll send you an email (please make sure to provide an email address you check often).

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