Pouring heart & humor into the art of card-giving

Greymount Paper & Press is a small (yet fierce!) stationery company located just outside Albany, NY. Learn our origin story HERE.

We don't just sell greeting cards: we sell thoughtfulness. Sure, it's easy to send a birthday text message or post a comment on someone's "wall". Taking the time to pick out the perfect funny birthday card, or gift is a small action which speaks volumes to the recipient.

Our goal is to offer our customers the perfect greeting card for every occasion in their lives and the lives of their friends and families. Most of our cards focus on gentle humor, while a few are a little sassier, and we truly believe we've got something for everyone in our line.

GP&P is run by real people and we LOVE our customers, so if you have a suggestion or a request, let us know!

Casey and Carlene of Greymount Paper and Press

Casey (left) and Carlene (right), friends and artists