About Us

Pouring heart & humor into the art of card-giving.

Casey and Carlene

Casey (left) and Carlene (right), friends and artists

Greymount Paper & Press is a small (yet fierce) stationery company located just outside Albany, NY. 

The company was founded after I (Carlene) kept failing to find the perfect card to celebrate big life occasions of my friends & family.

I decided to roll up my sleeves and take care of this challenge myself. I teamed up with a local illustrator -- the amazing Casey of Lady Sparrowhawk -- and combined my 10+ years as a professional photographer with her fabulous illustration skills to make the visions inside my head come to life.

Our cards are professionally printed using recycled or partially recycled materials, and all our products are printed in the United States. It's important to us that we sell a quality product, and you can tell the difference in quality when you pick up one of our cards.

Hope you love what we've made! Talk soon!